A lazy Sunday

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. I was super tired and wasn’t feeling so well towards the end of last week. I wasn’t up for eating too much, let alone cooking. I kind of grazed here and then but mostly ate toast or bread with something (cheese, peanut butter, etc) spread on it. I didn’t feel like I had anything exciting to post.

I did some great baking yesterday, but I didn’t have time to write about it. Check back tomorrow for a post on blueberry yogurt scones and waffles!

Today wasn’t really lazy at all. I went to brunch with some friends from high school. Two friends were visiting and one has just moved to New York. We went to the Barking Dog in Murrary Hill. I got a California Omelette. It had tomato, onion and chicken in it. It was supposed to have avocado in it, but I didn’t taste it. Thats ok, it came with guacamole and salsa. It was good, but not warm enough. It had great hash browns though. I forgot to take pictures. I’d been up for a few hours and it was the first time I was eating so I was starving. Oops.

After that my friends and I walked the 15 or so blocks down Madison Square Park and went to Eataly. Its this really cool market with places to eat or drink wine. It looked like they had just about every kind of amazing food possible.

They had some amazing smelling cheeses. We tried a hard goat cheese with black truffle oil. It was delicious. At $30 per pound, it should be that good.

They had a ton of super adorable kitchen tools and serving utensils. I wanted so many of them. They were just so expensive.

What a cute place mat!

Orange: Dino Zucchino Sugar Caster

Green: Ship Shaped Butter Dish and Knife

How Cute!

There was also an amazing fish market:

I wanted to buy it. All of it.

Most of the things at Eataly, unfortunately, were far our of my price range. One day, when I’ve made millions because I’m an amazing social worker, I will have all of these awesome things in my kitchen…

After Eataly, we walked up Park and over to a street fair on 42nd and Lexington. I bought this delicious strawberry iced tea in the street fair. The woman said it was cold brew, which I didn’t entirely believe. When I came home, I made it. It was really good. Sweet and refreshing. It was also caffeine free, which is good.

It was really hard to photograph both of these. The real strawberry in the tea kept looking weird. And the made tea, isn’t that that red. But It is really red.

The tea was just a scoop of tea into a glass of water. I let it steep for about 30 minutes, which was probably longer than I needed to.

After a few blocks, we walked back to my friends apartment. I said goodbye to my friends who were heading back to Boston and started walking back down Lexington. I found an Indian store my roommate had told me about so that I could buy Tamarind sauce to make pad thai. (Later this week, get ready.) So I walked back down Lexington to 28th. It was a long day of walking.

Very good to catch up with friends.

I came home, went to the gym, made my tea and made dinner. I had a salad for dinner and also made some for lunch tomorrow.

Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, cannellini beans, red onion and lentil. You really can’t see the lentil though.

Its been a really full day. I’m off to work on a book I’m making for one of the groups I see tomorrow. Its a lot of work but hopefully it’ll turn out well!


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