the not-post

Sorry there isn’t much of a post tonight.

I had planned to post about my home made pad thai. I’ve been having some computer troubles and I spent a bunch of time tonight trying to get my computer running better… It didn’t work so well. I got the pictures uploaded so the post should be up tomorrow.


If I’d remembered to take pictures, I could have shown you pictures of my dinner tonight. I went out to dinner with a friend that I went to college and grad school with. Its been way too long since we’ve seen each other, particularly considering how close we live. It was so wonderful catching up and we promised to see each again soon, which we’d better do!

We went to this pizza place called Adrienne’s on Stone Street. We split a salad with mixed greens, arugula and blue cheese. It was delicious. Then we split pizza with eggplant, basil and garlic. Amazing. I’m so glad I have some left overs for lunch tomorrow! We also each had a glass of wine, which went so well with dinner.

I was so busy talking and hearing about his life that I forgot to take pictures! Oops.


I promise tomorrow I will post about the pad thai. It will be later in the evening since I’m going to Brooklyn Bridge Park tomorrow to see an outdoor showing of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. So excited!


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