On a train!

I’m currently sitting on a train from NYC, heading home to see my family. I’ll be there for about a week. I can’t wait to see my family. And of course it feels like this train is going so slowly. Luckily I have internet and its beautiful outside this train.

Ok, that picture is from another trip. My camera wire is hiding in my suitcase.

Its been a busy couple of days, which is why I haven’t posted. Today was crazy. I hadn’t packed and I wanted desperately to clean my apartment before I left. When I woke up I thought I had all the time in the world. I made a great breakfast to finish off some things I didn’t want to leave in my fridge. I gave most of the veggies and other things that would spoil away last night. I had some grape tomatoes, eggs, and feta cheese left. Which led to:

A greek omelette.

I pulled some frozen spinach and bread out of the freezer. I don’t always keep bread in the freezer, but it works well when I know I’m going away. I often get Ezekiel bread, which I buy frozen and just toast what I need when I want it.

I cracked my eggs and realized I gave my milk away! Ha. Oh, well.

I put the spinach in the pan to defrost it and added my eggs. I put in a little salt, pepper and garlic powder. I cooked the omelette for a bit and added my tomatoes. I like when the veggies are cooked into an omelette. I decided to put the cheese in after it had cooked more so that I could taste the cheese more.

The feta that fell out  and into the pan got a little burnt and crunchy and was delicious. I think I might need to look for ways to make this into a meal.

It was so good and exactly what I’ve been craving. (Seriously, I’ve been craving this for like a week.)

And when I sat down to eat it, I realized it kind of looked like a smiley face.

See? Ok, only kind of.

I woke up this morning thinking I had tons of time. By the time I actually got up, made breakfast and started moving, I didn’t have a ton of time. I scrambled to clean the kitchen, do laundry, and clean my room. (I didn’t mean that pun. It wasn’t a good one. If I’d meant it, I’d have worked harder on it.) I actually got most of it done.

Ok, I just pulled out my camera and snapped some photos of the sunset. I even dug out my camera wire. I like the picture but it definitely doesn’t do it justice.


And I’m only 40 minutes away from home now! I can’t wait.

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