Christmas Eve

Ok, I’m a Jew. But I love Christmas. I love the feeling around the holiday. I think what I really love is the opportunity to tell people that you appreciate them. We don’t often think to thank the people in our lives and the holidays are a great time to do it.

I don’t send out holiday cards because I can never write the things I want to for everyone. This year I made praline pecans for my office and peppermint rice crispy treats for my friends. (posts will be coming for both of those.)

Peppermint rice crispies

Praline pecans

I did gifts for my family. I’m on the ferry now heading to Staten Island where my brother’s girlfriend is from. Of course, with presents. I really love wrapping presents.


Sorry, no spoilers as to what’s inside. Not until after they’ve opened them!

Let me know if you want the recipe for either of those tomorrow and I’ll give it to you before I get the posts together.

Also, to those who dislike Staten Island:

I’d say that’s not a bad view!

I’m just about here. So excited. My brother is picking me up and I’m meeting my mom and sister there. Almost there!!!!

Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukah! Happy holidays!


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