First Official Training Run

The marathon is exactly 18 weeks from today! Most of the time I’m a mix of excited and sheer disbelief that I’m actually doing it. On occasion I have a moment of complete panic that I just won’t be able to do it. But I am.

The first run calls for 3 miles. It was kind of misting and lightly raining. I was tired. And I wasn’t really looking forward to it.

Apparently it’s one of those things that once you get started, it isn’t so bad. And by the time you’re done, you’re surprised it over and could keep going. Twenty four minutes after starting I felt a lot better.

I’d done some weights at the gym in the morning and left stuff there. So after the run, I went back to the gym for a yoga class. Great decision. My muscles felt more relaxed and less stiff. And I, in turn, felt more relaxed.

Then I went to Staten Island to see my brother’s future mother in law and to pick up my bridesmaids dress for his wedding. I’d overestimated my size. Luckily his fiancé didn’t believe me and ordered it several sizes smaller. It fits well but no pictures until the wedding!


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